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Thermoking Truck Refrigeration Units are available as Vehicle Powered and Self powered units. The Self powered units are with an Engine , Compressor, Condenser & Evaporator that are engineered to the unit. They are ideal for 12-32 ft applications, and are equipped to handle higher cooling capacities. The vehicle powered units are driven by the vehicle engine, and are ideal for 5-20 ft applications and are equipped to handle lower cooling capacities.

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Thermoking C-series

The C-series from Thermo King has been developed to provide a complete product range for chilled applications. There is a model available for every truck size, but the same compact condenser is used. The units have been designed with a temperature preset. In the factory, the units are preset at 3C, but this may be changed to a value between 0C and 22C as suits the customer's application. The system design is uncomplicated with a minimum of connections. This leads to a shorter installation time and lower maintenance costs.

Models: Thermoking C-100 truck refrigeration system, Thermoking C-200 truck refrigeration system, Thermoking C-300 truck refrigeration system



Thermoking C-series truck refrigeration systems

Thermoking B - series

The B-100 Thermo King refrigeration unit is a cooling system primarily designed for fresh applications on small trucks and vans. The compressor is powered by the vehicle s battery. On the B-100 20 model, an AC motor in the condenser allows the unit to run on electric stand-by.


Thermoking B - series truck refrigeration systems

Thermoking V - series

The Thermo King V-Series offers a range of highly flexible and most reliable solutions for vans and trucks, all powered by a road compressor and an electric power supply. These superior temperature control units guarantee great efficiency and maximum load protection combined with advanced features, such as the user-friendly Direct Smart Reefer.

This range also offers customers flexibility to choose units with heating capabilities, electric stand-by and multi-temperature options.

Models: Thermoking V-300 truck refrigeration system, Thermoking V-500 truck refrigeration system


Thermoking V - series truck refrigeration systems

Thermoking T - series (Truck Temperature Control Systems)

  • Whisper-quiet operation

  • Lower fuel consumption for lower operating costs

  • Low-maintenance units save time and money

  • Flexible system solutions provide single and multi-temperature capabilities, allowing mixed load temperatures

  • Technologically advanced microprocessors self-monitor and self-troubleshoot to ensure unmatched temperature precision with fewer breakdowns

Models: Thermoking T-600, T-800, T-1000 truck refrigeration system



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