Thermoking T-series Truck Refrigeration Systems

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An all-new line of self-powered truck units destined to become the new industry benchmark.

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After years of engineering research and development. After extensive customer input. After exhaustive testing in the lab and on the road. After all of this and much more, the all-new T-Series line of truck units from Thermo King is ready to deliver what you and your customers demand. Lower life cycle costs. Lower fuel consumption. Cleaner, quieter operation. Unmatched performance and reliability. Greater capacities at lower operating speeds. Precise temperature control. Ease of use and service.

Powerful and simple to use, the new TSR-2 Control System makes it easy for your drivers to accurately manage the temperature in the truck, no matter what you�re hauling. Step-by-step instructions, depicted in symbolic form, make precisely setting and adjusting the reefer quick and easy, helping your drivers, your customers and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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