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Features of Thermoking V500 series refrigerated truck systems

The Thermoking V-Series transport temperature control systems offer a range of highly flexible and most reliable solutions for vans and trucks, all powered by a road compressor and an electric power supply.

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Thermoking V - 500 series refrigerated truck systems offer:

  • Aerodynamic styling

  • Durable polypropylene skin with no visible screws

  • High cooling capacity on the road

  • High cooling capacity on electric standby

  • Designed for deep frozen or chill applications

  • Ultra Slim evaporator for maximum load space and high airflow volume for superior temperature control

  • The new speedy clip system for hoses and connections for increased reliability and ease of installation

  • Low noise


Thermoking V500 MAX specifications

The V-500 Series from Thermoking comprises two-piece split units designed for fresh, frozen and deep frozen applications on medium-sized trucks and vans. The road compressor is powered by the vehicle's engine. In models with electric stand-by, the second one is powered by an electric motor. The V-500 MAX TC can manage two evaporators to provide temperature control for two compartments. Models with hot gas heating are also available.

The exclusive TCC (Triple Cooling Capacity) feature offers you three capacities and fan speeds to automatically match cooling needs of varying intensity. The TCC level is adjusted according to the pressure read within the refrigeration circuit.

  • Outstanding Pulldown Capacity with TCC1. The unit is working at its highest capacity level with both condenser fans running at maximum speed.

  • Ideal for Tropical Conditions. The maximum capacity level makes it possible to function in ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees C.

  • Low Fuel Consumption and Running Costs. Performance is optimized according to the capacity demand thereby reducing the fuel consumption of the truck the capacity delivered is matched to the demand. when working in steady or low demanding conditions, the condenser fans will run at low speed or stop as required.

  • Low Noise Level. Noise is kept to a minimum level in any operating conditions. Particularly in steady state conditions, where there is virtually no noise. In electric stand-by operation, the sound power level varies by 6dbA according to the TCC level. On road operation, the compressor is driven by the engine of the vehicle, hence the noise from the unit is very small in comparison with that of a self-powered unit.


Air Return/
On the Road
Swash Plate
Stand-by 50Hz
Degrees C Degrees F Watts Btu/hr Watts Btu/hr Watts Btu/hr
0 32 5550 18955 4925 16820 4080 13935
-20 -4 2860 9765 2515 8600 2115 7225
-25 -13 2205 7530 1950 6660 1620 5535


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