Thermoking V-series Truck Refrigeration Systems Product Catalog

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Thermoking Truck Refrigeration Units V300 MAX offers just right temperature control for direct drive trucks and vans. The Thermoking V-Series refrigerated truck systems offer a range of highly flexible and most reliable solutions for vans and trucks, all powered by a road compressor and an electric power supply.

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Features of Thermoking V - series refrigerated truck systems

  • Aerodynamic styling

  • Durable polypropylene skin with no visible screws

  • High cooling capacity on the road

  • High cooling capacity on electric standby

  • Designed for deep frozen or chill applications

  • Ultra Slim evaporator for maximum load space and high airflow volume for superior temperature control

  • The new speedy clip system for hoses and connections for increased reliability and ease of installation

  • Low noise


Thermoking V-300 MAX specifications

  • Jet Lube™ compressor lubrication

  • Jet Cool™ compressor injection cooling

  • In-cab controls with digital LED thermometer

  • Automatic hot gas defrost

  • Electronic thermostat

The V-300 MAX Thermo King refrigeration unit comprises a two-piece split unit designed for fresh, frozen and deep frozen applications on direct drive trucks and vans. On compressor is powered by the vehicle's engine, while the second is powered by an electric motor, making it possible to use electric stand-by to drive the unit. Models with heating are also available.

Air Return On the Road Electric standby 60Hz
Degrees F Degrees C Btu/hr Watts Btu/hr Watts
35 2 10,015 2,935 5,801 1,700
0 -18 5,835 1,710 3,790 1,110
-20 -29 3,535 1,036 2,565 752

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